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The following is our generic itinerary, which varies somewhat from workshop to workshop. Our itinerary is subject to change, and it will! (The November 2016 itinerary is now available.)

We meet at the Miami airport on the morning of Day 1 (Thursday) and board our 90-minute charter flight to Havana. (The flights and Cuban visa are included in the price of the trip.) Our bus will take us into Habana Vieja (Old Havana) for lunch at a local paladar (private restaurant) and then to our hotel, usually the NH Capri La Habana.

Our 6-day Havana-only workshop and the first five days of our 10-day workshop are all about street photography: classic cars, beautiful but decaying buildings and most of all, the marvelous Cuban people. The majority of our four full days of shooting, Friday through Monday, will be spent exploring the streets of Habana Vieja and Centro Habana. Our small group of only ten participants will be further divided in half, each led by a local Cuban photographer/guide so that we don't roam the streets as a mob.

Our shooting locations in Havana typically (but not always!) include:

When not roaming the streets of Havana, we'll be transported by a modern air-conditioned bus, driver and guide. The only exceptions are our tour by classic cars (included) and any taxis, etc., you may take on your own to/from evening entertainment, etc.

Each day in Havana, we'll have breakfast in our hotel then lunches and dinners at some of the best paladars in Cuba. All meals while in Cuba are included in the cost of the workshop as are all tips.

After dinner you'll have the option for some fun and entertainment (at your cost), typically including:

  • Day 0 (Wednesday, Miami): Team up with others and take a taxi to South Beach, Miami. Have dinner, then shoot the great neon lights of South Beach. Returning by taxi to your hotel whenever you want.
  • Day 1 (Thursday): before-dinner mojitos at the Hotel Nacional
  • Day 2 (Friday): the late-night show at the Cabaret Parisien
  • Day 4: (Sunday): the Art Factory (Fábrica de Arte Cubano)

On Day 6 (Tuesday), the 6-day workshop ends and we fly back to Miami in time for you to clear U.S. customs and immigration and catch an early-evening flight home. Depending upon your destination and flight availability, you may need to spend Tuesday night in Miami.


For the 10-day workshop, we begin our tour of Cuba beyond Havana. We travel by bus to the western province of Pinar del Rio where we stop for lunch at a paladar with a spectacular view of the valley. We then continue to the town of Viñales and check into our casas particulares (private homes). Late that afternoon, we'll visit a working tobacco farm, learn how tobacco is grown and processed and get a cigar-rolling demonstration. That night we'll be treated to a spectacular home-cooked group feast prepared by the hostesses of our casas.

On Day 7 (Wednesday) we'll take an all-day bus trip from Viñales to the city of Trinidad, on the south shore of Cuba, with a box lunch along the way. Upon arrival, we'll check into our casas particulares then have dinner at a local paladar. Trinidad is a great town for music, and that evening you'll have the option of enjoying the salsa music and dancing at Casa de la Trova.

Thursday morning we'll begin with a walking tour of Trinidad guided by the town historian, then be free to explore the town and shoot on our own. Lunch and dinner will be at local paladars. After dinner, you'll once again have the option of sampling Trinidad's great music at Casa de la Musica.

On Day 8 (Friday) we'll go by bus back to Havana, stopping for lunch and a visit to Finca Vigía, Ernest Hemingway's farm. We'll check into our hotel, then head out for our farewell dinner in Cuba.

Finally, on Saturday, we'll fly back to Miami in time for you to clear U.S. customs and immigration and catch an early-evening flight home. Depending upon your destination and flight availability, you may need to spend Tuesday night in Miami.

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